Driving Lessons Burbank

April 20, 2018

Burbank driving lessons - BOOK NOW


Do your driving lessons in style


Learning to drive with P1 Driving School means learning to drive from professional, dedicated driving instructors in race-spec designed cars with 5 star Ancap safety ratings.


Whether you’re looking for automatic driving lessons or manual driving lessons in Burbank or in neighbouring areas, P1 Driving School will help you pass your driving test with ease, and in style.


Your safety is our priority  


While you’ll be learning to drive in our 5 star Ancap rating vehicles, driving lessons with P1 Driving School mean learning to be safe on the road no matter what car you’re in, so you can get your licence and use the skills from your driver training for the rest of your life as a driver.


Burbank learners, book your driving lesson now and get your licence with P1 Driving School: 0413 522 497.


Past and current students rate our instructors “5 stars”


At the end of each driving lesson with P1 Driving School, we want you to feel more confident about your ability to drive.


With this aim in mind our driving instructors make sure you gain as much as you can from our expert driver training to allow you to pass your driving test and acquire lifelong skills at the wheel.


For uniquely passionate driving instructors with the greatest number of 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook, book your driving lessons with P1 Driving School Burbank.  


Pass first time  


Driving lessons with P1 Driving School offer the best driver education to make you the driver you are capable of being so that you can pass your test and continue to be safe out on the road.


Learners in Burbank wanting to pass the practical driving test on the first try should book with P1 Driving School for driving lessons specialised for each student and driving instructors who care about your safety and are passionate about giving you the best driver training there is to offer.


Driving Lessons Burbank


Enquire about driving lessons with P1 Driving School today. Call 0413 522 497


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All Driving Lessons, including the P1 Fast-Track Program, are subject to the P1 Driving School Terms of Service and the P1 Driving School Privacy Policy, which you can view HERE.

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