Driving School Annerley

February 27, 2018


Look good while you're learning


Other driving school's provide their students with boring, ugly learner cars like Suzuki Swifts and Skoda Fabias. At P1 Driving School, however, you'll learn to drive in our race-spec designed, European 5 star Ancap rated cars driven by our top rated driving instructors.


If you are a learner driver living in or around Annerley, get automatic and manual driving lessons from P1 Driving School.


Top driving rated driving instructors


P1 driving school's expert driving instructors cover every aspect of driving, down to the most minute detail, to guarantee you won't miss out on any of the vital information and skills required to become a safe driver.


You'll finish each driving lesson having increased in your ability to drive compared to when you started.


Our Annerley driving instructors are proud to say they have never received less than 5 star reviews from past students in all areas of their teaching.


If you live in Annerley, call 0413 522 497 to book a driving lesson with P1 Driving School.


Learn to drive safe


Passing your test the first time is great, but more important than this is learning to drive as safely as possible.


Our Annerley driving instructors provide such a high level of education that you'll be able to achieve both!


Pass your test easily


P1 Driving School boasts an extremely high first time pass rate. This is because we teach our students to be excellent drivers. If you live in Annerley, your search for a great driving school is over.


Our Annerely driving instructors will determine which areas of driving you are struggling with the most and focus on those until you can do them without thinking. 


Driving Lessons Annerley


Enquire about driving lessons with P1 Driving School today. Call 0413 522 497

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All Driving Lessons, including the P1 Fast-Track Program, are subject to the P1 Driving School Terms of Service and the P1 Driving School Privacy Policy, which you can view HERE.

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