Pass your test with ease


If you are looking for a driving school that will teach you to be the best driver you can possibly be, has an extremely high first time pass rate and you live in or around the Balmoral area, look no further.


P1 Driving School's Balmoral driving instructors are experienced at pinpointing the specific areas of improvement of each individual learner driver.


Top driving instructors


Our extremely professional driving instructors ensure that you don't miss out on any of the neccesary information to become as safe a driver as possible, no matter how minute the detail.


Finish each driving lesson as a better driver than when you started.


P1 Driving School Balmoral provides it's students with driving instructors that have received 100% 5 star reviews both on Facebook and Google.


If you live in Balmoral, call 0413 522 497 to book a driving lesson with P1 Driving School.


Look good while you learn


Who said you need to learn to drive in a boring Suzuki Swift? Learn to drive in P1 Driving School Balmoral's race-rpec designed, 5 star Ancap rated learner driver vehicles driven by our 5 star reviewed driving instructors.


If you are a learner driver living in or around Balmoral, get automatic and manual driving lessons from P1 Driving School.


Be the safest driver you can be


Everybody wants to pass their driving test the first time, but what's more important is developing the skills and attitudes that allow for a life time of safe driving.


Our Balmoral driving instructors will provide you with the best chance at achieving both!


Learn to be a safe driver in our European, 5 Star Ancap safety rated driving school vehicles.


Driving Lessons Balmoral


Enquire about driving lessons with P1 Driving School today. Call 0413 522 497