P1 Driving School remains open and committed to providing the highest quality driver training in and around Brisbane, Logan and the Redland Bay  during the current Covid-19 Situation, however there have been some changes to how we operate and how we conduct our driving lessons to ensure the health and safety of you, our students, as well as our driving instructors.

Our Hygiene Policy

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we have implemented a strict, pre and post lesson cleaning routine. This involves the use of disinfectants to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces that students and instructors may come into contact with over the course of a driving lesson, including but not limited to:

  • Vehicle door handles (inside and out)

  • Seats, seat belts and seat adjustment mechanisms

  • Steering wheel and steering wheel controls

  • Indicator and wiper storks

  • Centre-console and console controls

  • Dashboard

  • Gear stick and handbrake lever

  • Windshield and side windows

  • Eftpos machines

This rigorous cleaning routine is conducted first thing in the morning before our instructors head out for the day, once more before the first lesson of the day and in between each and every driving lesson from that point onward, before one last clean after the last lesson of the day.
Our instructors are also sanitizing their hands before and after each driving lesson.


For the foreseeable future P1 Driving School will not being conducting driving lessons if the student or the instructor are either:

  1. Currently ill

  2. Suspect they are ill or likely to be ill in the immediate future

  3. Been in close contact with someone who is ill or who they suspect to have been ill.

You have our word that our instructors are following this rule and we implore you to do the same by being open and honest about these things when asked by your instructor prior to the commencement of your driving lesson. With this rule comes updates to our Late Cancellation and No Show Policies as well as our rules regarding the rescheduling of lessons.

PLEASE NOTE we reserve the right to cancel driving lessons on the spot with no refunds should a you lie about your health when asked by your instructor and attempt to come to a driving lesson while visibly ill.

Cancelling or Rescheduling Driving Lessons or Failing to Show Up Due to Illness

Should you need to cancel a driving lesson due to any of the reasons outlined in the previous section, we will waive any late cancellation fees that would otherwise be incurred under normal circumstances and give you the option to reschedule your lesson once you have recovered. If you do not recover in a reasonable amount of time and simply wish to cancel your lesson all together, you are welcome to do so and we will refund the full cost of the lesson/lessons if you have already payed. This applies to Late Cancellations and No Shows as well.

These rules also apply if your lesson is cancelled due to your instructor being ill.

PLEASE NOTE that should you cancel a lesson or fail to show up on time for any reason other than those outlined in the previous section then our standard Late Cancellation and No Show Policies apply, including any applicable fees. You can view these HERE.

Please Be Patient

During this uncertain time it may take longer then normal for us to process bookings and it may be harder to book the times and dates that you are after. This is due to many factors including fulfilling Driving Lessons, Test Packs and Programs booked prior to the Covid-19 outbreak and our subsequent shut-down and the fact that we are currently operating at a reduced capacity with fewer instructors then usual.

We can ensure you we're doing our utmost to process bookings and respond to inquiries as quickly as possible and despite all that is going on, we are still committed to providing our students with the highest quality training across Brisbane, Logan and the Redland Bay area.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.