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The slickest and safest driving school cars in Darra


Both manual and automatic driving lessons with P1 Driving School Darra are taught in our race spec designed European vehicles.


For learners in the vicinity of Darra, P1 Driving School is here to give you the best driver training from the best driving instructors in 5 star Ancap rated cars.


Road safety with P1 Driving School


It is a priority of our driving instructors to ensure that through your driving lessons, you acquire the necessary skills to drive safely, pass your driving test and retain those safe driving habits when you have completed your driver training and are out on your own.


5 star Ancap safety ratings on all driving school vehicles is a guarantee at P1 Driving School so that you are as confident and safe during your driving lessons as you can be.


Pass your test and adopt road safety habits that last a lifetime with P1 Driving School Darra. Book some lessons now! Or, send us a text at 0413 522 497.


Learner drivers verify P1 driving instructors as “5 star” 


With the greatest 5 star verified review count on Google and Facebook, driving instructors at P1 Driving School are committed to helping you achieve your potential in every driving lesson.


It is our aim to see you progress through your driver training, leaving all of your driving lessons feeling more confident and ultimately passing your practical driving test with ease.


If you want high quality driving lessons with high quality driving instructors around Darra, P1 is the right Driving School for you. 


Breeze through your practical driving test


Instilling skill and confidence in learners with every driving lesson is the goal of driving instructors at P1 Driving School Darra.


We hope to see you master the skill of driving and pass you practical driving test and personalise each driving lesson to the individual learner so that you can have to greatest opportunity to pass on your first attempt.


Driving Lessons Darra


Enquire about driving lessons with P1 Driving School today. Call 0413 522 497