At P1 Driving School we're passionate about road safety. When you spend as much time on the road as we do you realise that there are too many people exercising unsafe road habits on a daily basis.


Our goal is to combat this by providing the best possible driver education to upcoming road users of all ages and nationalities, so that they have a thorough understanding of all aspects of driving including those well beyond the operation of the vehicle.

All P1 Driving School Instructors possess:

  • Cert IV in Transport and Logistics for Driver Education 

  • Queensland Government Blue Card for Working with Children and Young People

  • At least a decade of road experience 

We provide free information for anyone and everyone who is learning to drive, even if they are not learning with P1. Our aim isn't to make money off of our students, but rather to educate learner drivers to such an extent that they have a comprehensive understanding of driving, a healthy respect for the risks and dangers involved and the skills and knowledge to deal with any and all situations they may face on the road.